A downloadable game for Windows

Note that theWanderer was retitled to theWanderer: Prologue on 2/27/2016

theWanderer: Prologue is a prototype 'walking simulator' created as a college graduation project.

The original game was developed by myself over the course of a single month, during the busiest semester of my college education, whilst teaching myself to use Unreal 4. My objective was to make a walking simulator with a sprinkle of story elements. The original version of the game (v.0.0.98) was debuted on May 6th, 2015.

theWanderer is, as I would say, "a poor man's love letter to NaissanceE."

Limasse Five's NaissanceE was a huge influence on me in the making this game. A minimalist appearance, a heavy use of lighting, and complex architecture played a huge role in the development of theWanderer.

theWanderer is still very much a work-in-progress.

The game is rather simple, so all you'll need to be using is WASD, LShift, Spacebar, and Mouse. Doors even open on their own if you walk near them. Pretty basic.

The game is still un-optimized out the wazoo. Despite some minimal in-game settings, the game will most likely make your computer shed a tear. I made and tested tW on a GTX780 and still have to crank the fans up pretty good.

The game was in production from April 2015 to September 2015; During the time, I educated myself on Unreal 4.6, built the game from scratch over a single month, and kept polishing it for a while. The game is rather barebones and can be completed leisurely in ~15+ minutes and speedran in ~4 minutes. The story is served in the form of subtitles with no voiceover; I'm a designer, not a voice actor.

theWanderer's progress, as well as my other work, can be found/followed here.

Oh hey, it's a Twitter account...



Original fully-playable build (not public)


Added various post-processing
Stage 1 detail overhaul
Added options menu (wowie!)


Added level streaming
Added a new level
Revamped the menus
Various bug fixes
Adjusted lighting and how 'bronze' the game was
Smoothed level transitions
Added more game audio
Other various tweaks


A single level expansion
In-world text to replace some subtitles
Added LevelReset button to pause menu
Slightly more compliant doors and slight lighting tweaks

Install instructions

Extract the zip file somewhere, inside you should find an exe.


tW v0.1.1 (64bit) 422 MB
tW v0.1.1 (32bit) 404 MB